Are you looking for more information about the issues that at-risk and sexually exploited youth face? The resources listed here are just some of the websites where you can get more information:

Cyperspace BC

- This website helps youth (10-16) learn to play safe and stay safe in the digital world. The course includes videos and activities that teach users to manage their Digital Footprint and beware of Online Crime. Users can register, do the course and pass the exam to get Cybersafe Certified.

Safe Online Outreach Society

- Provides community education on combatting online sexual exploitation and bullying, and promotes informed, appropriate online activity.

Casey – Community Against Sexual Exploitation of Youth

- Works to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and youth in British Columbia by raising public awareness, education and working cooperatively with enforcement and direct service agencies.

Preventing Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth

- Provides information on programs run by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.


- Provides information and support designed to help youth know when “sexting” (sexually based texting) has crossed the line, and how to practise safe text messaging.

What’s the DEAL

- Provides information about Internet safety for youth and how to avoid Internet exploitation or cyberbullying. The site is operated by the RCMP.

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children FactSheet

- Published by the Federal Department of Justice., it is currently being updated.

It’s Not What You Think: Sexually Exploited Youth in British Columbia (2008)

- A research paper by the University of British Columbia Nursing School that explains why our stereotypes of sexually exploited youth are wrong, and suggests some ways for changing this situation.

Gangs, Girls and Sexual Exploitation (2010)

- A research paper by the Abbotsford Youth Commission which looks at the links between the  involvement of girls in gangs and their risk of being sexually exploited.

Open Your Eyes to Sexual Exploitation

- An awareness program operated by the Canadian Red Cross.